Gali (cerealjoe) wrote,

Gali has found proper cupcakes in Helsinki!

I knew that there was a reason why Cafe Carusel was one of my favourite spots in Helsinki for a quiet Saturday morning read! They finally brought the cupcakes back! I already wrote about the cafe here and back then they just had the usual cakes and pulla. This time they had two kinds of cupcakes! I chose the funky dried flowers one.

Doesn't that look great? Basically it was just a small muffin with heavy cream frosting and dried flowers but honestly when is the last time you had that kind of thing? I certainly can't remember my last time...

Surprisingly enough the muffin part did not have a banana aftertaste! And there was some jam inside (see photo under the cut), I couldn't figure out the taste and I had forgotten to read the little tag in my excitement. Obviously it was rather small, like most things in Cafe Carusel. It was the size of a regular Finnish coffee cup and it cost 4 euros. Yeah, 4 euros. Then again, a small sandwich costs almost 7 euros there but you pay for the view and the awesome chairs and for 2.20 euros you get unlimited tea!

I did not get my favourite leather chair in the cafe so I chose the ones in a reclusive corner. No leather but still comfy... Would have been a good shot if only that truck hadn't been standing there blocking the boats.

I have a feeling I'll never finish this book! About a hundred more pages to go!


... and after.

I'll say something very philosophical right now: I really do believe these cupcakes scream "Finnish cupcakes". I doubt you could find this kind of cupcakes anywhere else. Let me explain myself:
- the muffin base is simple, plain vanilla, it wasn't pretty, it wasn't perfectly round, it was practical
- the jam inside was also on the practical side. There wasn't much of it but there was enough
- the frosting had enough taste and was heavy enough that you couldn't possibly want to eat two of these in a row
- there was no attempt to make the cupcake pretty with the dried flowers
- there were dried flowers and not sugary ones

And this represents Finland for me. It's about practicality (yeah, sportswear is comfy and practical, it's ok to wear it to the shop), it's about "just enough", nature before prettiness. I'm probably the only one who gets my line of thought... oh well.

Conclusion: a day later I can still feel the excitement of seeing those cupcakes. Dried flowers on a cupcake beat any of those cute sugar made ones, they actually have much more taste.

I'll definitely be going back there next Saturday (then again, I'm almost always there on Saturday mornings) and I'll keep my fingers crossed for more cupcakes!
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