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22nd-Apr-2014 02:44 pm - April 5 (1)

22nd-Apr-2014 09:00 am - April 4
There is always that one plant that likes to show off... even tomatoes aren't immune!

21st-Apr-2014 09:00 am - April 3
I can't think of anything to say. I was going to link that "scientifically accurate SpongeBob" (is that his name?) video but it's rather depressing for a Monday morning. But I must keep the posting streak going!

19th-Apr-2014 09:00 am - April 1

Oh, and in the land of "this is something that is quite interesting and I knew almost nothing about till now even though I should have known about all of this a lot more" - How The Woman Got Her Period. Apparently we got the short end of the evolution stick on this one... from a certain POV.
18th-Apr-2014 09:00 am - March 31
Someone sure is happy with the choices Mum and Dad made at the shop!

16th-Apr-2014 09:00 am - March 30 (1)
My main contribution to the early stages of tomato planting (and let's be honest, gardening in general) was to turn this container every morning so that the tiny plants would grow straight. Obviously it will have no incidence on the how straight the plants will grow later because they get replanted into separate slightly bigger pots later and then into the garden even later on... but if even half of them come out decent, I will take credit for that gardening prowess. We all know one's influence early on can have great consequences later in life and who cares that plants are not people! Oh boy, I might have gone slightly mad.

15th-Apr-2014 09:00 am - March 28 & 29
The final days of the mimosa didn't have it looking its best, but I feel the need to document the final stages of that tree (see the rest in chronological order here). Oh, and a bit of calanques on some random morning.

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