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2nd-Jun-2015 02:44 pm - May 8
Is it possible to have phantom mosquito events? Sometimes I feel like something just bit me but when I try to see what it was, there is nothing.

2nd-Jun-2015 09:00 am - May 7
Totally unrelated but for some reason I thought that Hyuna was younger and that Bubble Pop only happened last year or so and not four years ago. Four years! Four years.

1st-Jun-2015 02:44 pm - May 6
1st-Jun-2015 09:00 am - May 5
The day I took this photo I was all excited because surely the package would get to me soon, Italy isn't that far away, right? Soon I would have a bunch of new super cool nail polishes, hooray! Nope. It didn't arrive till the 21st or 22nd and thankfully my neighbour was at home and was able to sign for the package for me. The worst part was that it was stuck from the 9th till the 20th at the Madrid airport! It would have reached me sooner if I had sent a donkey to go fetch it!

31st-May-2015 02:44 pm - May 4
Never underestimate a good breeze. Sooooo nice!

31st-May-2015 09:00 am - May 3 (2)
Testing out different ways of getting cold cacao.

30th-May-2015 02:44 pm - May 3 (1)
30th-May-2015 09:00 am - May 2 (2)
29th-May-2015 02:44 pm - May 2 (1)
So we had this heat wave around the start of May and then about a week and a half ago it kind of went down... and now we're back to the crazy 35+C. Oh yeah. People are still telling me this year at least I'll be used to the heat... no, I won't! A sane person cannot possibly get used to this! Ever!

29th-May-2015 09:00 am - May 1
Salmorejo in the morning, salmorejo at lunch and salmorejo at night!

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