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Where is Gali?

Almost nine years on here and still going strong.

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8th-Feb-2016 02:44 pm - January 4
Ah. First day back at work.

8th-Feb-2016 09:00 am - January 3 (2)
Last year it was 10C in my flat when I came back after the winter holidays, this year 17C! Maybe this means the summer will be cool again, not that I didn't like the month at 40+... but I much prefer a maximum of 35 or so.

7th-Feb-2016 02:44 pm - January 3 (1)

7th-Feb-2016 09:00 am - January 2 (3)
Annual Christmas varenyky - with cabbage and onions.

6th-Feb-2016 02:44 pm - January 2 (2)
This winter started out warm but what would winter holidays be without tartiflette?

6th-Feb-2016 09:00 am - January 2 (1)
Amazing how a bit of change in perspective changes how the city looks. I think it's the hills and the sea that make Marseille an open city - like this it looks like some destitute landlocked city.

5th-Feb-2016 02:44 pm - January 1 (2)
5th-Feb-2016 09:00 am - January 1 (1)
Is the January 1st run/walk by the beach now a tradition? And this January was quite something... the water was apparently at 14.9C!

4th-Feb-2016 02:44 pm - December 31 (2)
And this concludes 2015!

4th-Feb-2016 09:00 am - December 31 (1)
Stopped by for the first time by Les Docks (Village? it had a strange name, I think it had "village" at the end of it) and Les Terrasses du Port. Fancy, I suppose... but we all know how much I like shopping places. The bubble tea I had for dessert was great though!

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