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20th-Sep-2014 09:00 am - August 24

19th-Sep-2014 09:00 am - August 23
I am having the hardest time finding geocaches in Seville - they're all "micro" and often magnetic and super hard to find. At least I get to visit new places, like the inside of this garden I've walked past a couple of times.

18th-Sep-2014 09:00 am - August 22
Still not dead! I'm telling, that gardening thing is easy... when you have a whole three plants.

17th-Sep-2014 09:00 am - August 20
16th-Sep-2014 09:00 am - August 19
More exciting news! We might get two and a half days of rain starting this morning. I know it's going to get old pretty soon but I'm still super excited about seeing that it shouldn't go above 25C.

15th-Sep-2014 09:00 am - August 17 & 18
Those few days in Marseille were definitely too few but at least I came back with a stash of Korivkas and some lovely new dresses, thanks to my personal shopper aka my mum! You can't really tell but this black dress is superbly 50s inspired... and goes well with those light blue flats.

14th-Sep-2014 09:00 am - August 16
13th-Sep-2014 02:44 pm(no subject)
This is the last photo I've ever taken of little Linda and I've been putting off talking about it for about two weeks as she passed away at the end of August. And, to be honest, it hasn't really properly sunk in yet and I can't even imagine what it will be like not having anyone for whom to bring bits and bobs from the kitchen when I go back home to Marseille. At least I am very glad that she was still around when I visited last time and I had a chance to say goodbye, in a way, as we knew she didn't have much time left.

But let's look on the bright side, she had a wonderful life and she was an amazing little bunny up until the last second. Heck, in the photo she is at the very top of the garden and that's a place she wasn't really allowed to go to but she decided in the her final months that she really, really, really wanted to explore that area and she would wait next to the gate for any opportunity to go there and she would come back down all by herself! Finally the gate was just left open so she wouldn't have to wait. Well, we did know of her stubbornness when she decided to really wanted to visit the side flowerbed all the time (proof 1 and 2). And I remember that once I saw her there at the top next to the some orange cocktail tomatoes, desperately trying to bite into one but she just couldn't get a grip on it with her teeth... so I asked her if she wanted one and opened one for her in half and she ate the whole thing!

And the thing is, we know she was extremely old but we can't quite remember which year we got her in. I remember we were shopping for back-to-school furniture for a new flat I moved into in Toulon so it must have been either in the second half of 2005 or 2006 so either she was 8 or 9, so she was a very old miniature rabbit lady, but in terms of adventures she probably has lived through and enjoyed about 15 times the stuff that house- or apartment-confined rabbits experience in their lifetime. And she was definitely a social little thing - gardening? Definitely not without Linda jumping into the weed bucket to see if she can't find something tasty to eat. DIY in the garden? Why yes, of course, you must have a bunny running under your feet making sure you were doing things correctly!

And on this note, the pix:pets:linda tag has existed since 2010, so we can all remember her amazing awesomeness and adventures!

13th-Sep-2014 09:00 am - August 15 (2)
I think I've already mentioned it but I'll say it again - living close to a canal is not the same as living close to the sea (and I suppose a fast moving river). I miss having that illusion of extra freedom... I mean I never actually saw the sea every single day when living in Marseille or Helsinki or even Toulon, but just knowing it's there was different than walking or running or living right next to the canal. I don't even know how people who live completely inland without a large body of water nearby deal with things. Or well, I guess they probably got time to get used to expecting having this water nearby so they probably don't care. I remember talking with bad_habit about it, how for us the water just has to be there or something feels terribly off.

12th-Sep-2014 09:00 am - August 15 (1)

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