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Where is Gali?

Almost nine years on here and still going strong.

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27th-Jul-2016 09:00 am - July 9

[Taken July 9]
26th-Jul-2016 09:00 am - July 8
It seems they changed the recipe for the carrot cake at the usual cake place - there is now booze in the frosting and it's quite strong booze.

[Taken July 8]
25th-Jul-2016 09:00 am - July 7
We have another heat wave coming, or rather it already started last night. It wasn't this bad last year, was it? I don't recall it being this bad.

[Taken July 7]
24th-Jul-2016 09:00 am - July 6
I'm still attempting to get used to local cheeses and, overall, dry cheeses are not really for me... and this one wasn't even one of those proper dry ones.

[Taken July 6]
22nd-Jul-2016 09:00 am - July 4
Yesterday I got a Pikachu so I won this whole Pokemon Go thing, right?

[Taken July 4]
21st-Jul-2016 09:00 am - July 3
After some experiments, it came to light that the best frozen texture was obtained when the yogurt did not contain fruit bits (they caused crystals to form).

[Taken July 3]
20th-Jul-2016 09:00 am - July 2

[Taken July 2]
19th-Jul-2016 09:00 am - July 1

[Taken July 1]
18th-Jul-2016 02:44 pm - June 30
Those first games that happened at 6pm, those were nice. Come home for the second half, a nice cold drink, good stuff.

[Taken June 30]
18th-Jul-2016 09:00 am - June 29
As the summer progresses, the amount of edible and non-drinkable stuff in my freezer gets smaller and smaller. Soon I think I'll just fill it with water bottles.

[Taken June 29]
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