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Where is Gali?

Almost nine years on here and still going strong.

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28th-Aug-2016 09:00 am - August 7
We're back to a heat wave thing of sorts but it should be back to 35 or so by the time this is scheduled to appear. Nope, I take back whatever I have said before, I will never get used to months of such temperatures.

27th-Aug-2016 09:00 am - August 6

26th-Aug-2016 09:00 am - August 5
Seville - that place where I have under 4 hours till the plane starts boarding and only then do I start thinking, "hum... when should I leave to catch the airport bus, oh and I should finish packing".

25th-Aug-2016 09:00 am - August 4 (2)

24th-Aug-2016 09:00 am - August 4
Sometimes strategies to get things done at work involve candy. Perhaps a bit too much of it but tough measures must be taken when to-do lists no longer work.

23rd-Aug-2016 09:00 am - August 3
Everything is awesome when you have cheap pizza and can sing along to Everything Is Awesome.

22nd-Aug-2016 09:00 am - August 2
21st-Aug-2016 09:00 am - August 1
They were doing some major works in about 10-15% of the park the other week. At first I was quite shocked that they would be doing that in prime tourist season (tourists haven't figured out that July/August is not a good time to visit Seville) but then I thought that perhaps they actually were just respectful of the locals. Indeed, they blocked off one of the major running routes through a side of the park but in July/August that might be annoying to only two or three runners - in October that would have annoyed quite a few more, myself included. That's quite a self-centred thing to say, isn't it?

20th-Aug-2016 09:00 am - July 31
I have fully embraced the fact that colourful pasta is 100% better than regular pasta even if it doesn't taste of three different things like it's supposed to.

19th-Aug-2016 09:00 am - July 30

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