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Where is Gali?

Almost nine years on here and still going strong.

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2nd-Jul-2016 09:00 am - June 13
So far, I have yet to turn on the A/C at home. I do wonder if I won't have to break this trend this weekend as it's supposed to go up to the 40s tomorrow and we all know how little insulation my flat actually has.

[Taken June 13]
1st-Jul-2016 09:00 am - June 12
When in doubt - start a new platform on Agrarian Skies while catching up on podcasts. That or be like Boris and go with, "for being someone who gets something done in the next two hours, having consulted myself and in view of circumstances in my life, I have concluded that person cannot be me."

[Taken June 12]
30th-Jun-2016 09:00 am - June 11
Another day where I feel like being an adult is too overwhelming. Or maybe it's just this limbo of liking my job most of the time but knowing that I don't belong here at all.

[Taken June 11]
29th-Jun-2016 02:44 pm - June 10 (2)

[Taken June 10]
29th-Jun-2016 09:00 am - June 10 (1)
A fan with a timer - the best thing in the summer to fall asleep.

[Taken June 10]
28th-Jun-2016 09:00 am - June 9 (taken on June 10)
Sometimes I fail. But you know who didn't fail? Iceland! Their victory over England just made me so happy and I'll be cheering for them when they'll be playing against France. I mean, have you seen their faces? They're always so happy to win things and their fans are always so happy and I want their Euro adventures to go on... and I really should go to Iceland soon.

[Taken June 10 for June 9]
27th-Jun-2016 09:00 am - June 8
Was reading up on what it's like living in Nantes and many people seem to complain about "insecurity". I was starting to get worried but then I remembered I used to go to school in the 1st arrondissement in Marseille before they even built the police station there and I survived. That and I don't go out at night... so...

[Taken June 8]
26th-Jun-2016 09:00 am - June 7

[Taken June 7]
25th-Jun-2016 09:00 am - June 6

[Taken June 6]
24th-Jun-2016 02:44 pm - June 5 (2)

[Taken June 5]
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