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21st-Dec-2014 09:00 am - November 25
I often comment on how I don't know how to adult and I actually forget that I am not in fact a 17 year old, but then I always pay my bills on time and I manage to keep myself alive and I freaken invest in matching sets of towels and I feel like a badass adult. My main previous investments in the towel department were for micro-fibre towels so this is a huge thing.

20th-Dec-2014 09:00 am - November 24
19th-Dec-2014 09:00 am - November 23 (3)
So far the autumn hasn't been too bad in terms of rain.

18th-Dec-2014 09:00 am - November 23 (2)
Argh. Vivement les vacances.

17th-Dec-2014 09:00 am - November 23 (1)
Jamon also works in tortellini.

16th-Dec-2014 09:00 am - November 22
15th-Dec-2014 09:00 am - November 21
True to myself, I bought holiday cards rather early but I yet to send them all out.

14th-Dec-2014 09:00 am - November 20
Can we pretend this is super arsty and stuff and not just a random photo because I had nothing else that day for the 365 Day Project?

13th-Dec-2014 09:00 am - November 19
Learnt the hard way that there wasn't a decent pan in the new flat.

12th-Dec-2014 09:00 am - November 18 (2)
Oh, how young and naive I was a couple of weeks ago! 17C indoors? That's almost beach weather in my living room! These days if I wake up and it's above 13C I consider it to have been a warm night. Yep, as I said, the insulation around here isn't the best, especially if you have large windows.

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