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Where is Gali?

Almost nine years on here and still going strong.

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30th-Jul-2015 09:00 am - July 3 (2)
Well, here is the obligatory landmark. I was there not to visit but because it was across the river from where the Mindcrack party was and where I also made friends with another Minecon agent in the waiting line. And we went around and talked to peeps and the two highlights of the night were not actually Mindcrack related - I got one of Dinnerbone's business hug cards (and a hug) and I got a hug from JadedCat (that's the lovely person who makes Agrarian Skies).

29th-Jul-2015 09:00 am - July 3 (1)
Over in London I got to meet people I had only talked to online (actually mainly played on the same servers as) before and it was lovely. Also I was accepted as an honorary brit due to the fact that I quite enjoyed the brown sauce stuff, it does go well with onion rings.

28th-Jul-2015 09:00 am - July 2
During that trip EasyJet went again RyanAir and, to everyone's surprise, RyanAir won. Or maybe just EasyJet was terrible. Or maybe we had gotten the one bad apple grumpy ground employee and that would skew things.

27th-Jul-2015 09:00 am - July 1
"Luke, I am your... wait, you're not Luke! And what happened to the others?"

26th-Jul-2015 09:00 am - June 30
I'm switching from scheduling two posts a day to just the morning one. No reason besides that it's annual borderline-posting-burn-out. I like having the daily posting streak going (it's been going for over two years now!) but sometimes I do not want to spend more than 30 minutes a week looking at old photos. I should also spend some time backing everything up on Flickr.

25th-Jul-2015 09:00 am - June 29
I will never again say that learning a new alphabet is easy. It is not. Even after weeks of practice the writing is still terribly hard. At least in Korean the letters didn't really change shape depending where in the word they were... but now that I think about it, this kind of happens in the latin and cyrillic alphabets too! Capital letters at the start! And then you connect letters between them... but they don't change so drastically, do they?

24th-Jul-2015 09:00 am - June 28
A photo cannot do justice to the amazing dark circle that sometimes appear because of the heat. And you know it was a bad night when even peeps at work who have lived here for a while say that they had quite a bit of issues to fall asleep and sleep through the night.

23rd-Jul-2015 02:44 pm - June 27
It used to be that I would say it's very hot at home if I did not get under 30C with the AC... now 31-32 is fine. I get already enough AC at work and in other public spaces!

23rd-Jul-2015 09:00 am - June 26 (2)
22nd-Jul-2015 02:44 pm - June 26 (1)
The ultimate shame! I forgot to put my shopping bag inside my normal bag and I had to buy plastic bags at the shop.

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